Course Design

Course Design

We design our courses intentionally for student understanding and mastery. We promote 21st century skills and competencies with practical lessons, quizzes, and mastery assignments to drive high achieving outcomes.

Dual Advisors Estimated Course Contact Hours

Estimated Course Completion Time

The majority of our coursework is designed to meet the requirements for three hours of college credit. Contact hours are how long a student should expect to spend reviewing material and completing assignments.

A Typical Course Requires 145-150 Contact Hours

Lesson Structure

Each lesson consists of 10-12 pages of text and a three-minute video, mapped to specific learning outcomes. The course contains about 60 lessons.

Module Design

Lessons are grouped into modules. All modules are self-contained and have everything required for student success, from reading materials to the tools needed to complete projects and assignments.

Mastery Assignments & Peer Review

Students demonstrate skill mastery by completing complex tasks that promote critical thinking. Through peer review, students better understand how to evaluate work and give effective feedback.


Qualified instructors provide course guidance through live meetups, weekly emails, and individual coaching.

Check Your Knowledge

Quick, formative quizzes in every lesson allow students to verify whether or not they understand the lesson material.

Quizzes & Exams

Each module contains a formative quiz with 25-30 questions and each course features two summative exams that are live-proctored.

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